Visit my Warwickshire Open Studios exhibition at 'Our Notre Dame', Leamington Spa this month

Visit my Warwickshire Open Studios exhibition at 'Our Notre Dame', Leamington Spa this month

Join me and 8 other local artists across a range of media in one colossal venue, All Saints church, Leamington Spa. We opened our Warwickshire Open Studios Art Weeks on Saturday night to trumpets and wine. Please come and see us Wed-Sunday 1030 - 1700, except during Sunday service, which ends at 12pm.

As an artist who doesn't get out much, but has a large portfolio...this is a great chance to get in front of art lovers like you.

People often say, after browsing, "I presume it's all online, is it?" Well, yes and no. I will be showing my new - offline only - 'California Dreaming' collection about our dizzying relationship with California tech platforms such as 'Instaglam, Twatter, Amazing Slime and Goggle. I am slightly reticent of pulling the tiger's tail on that one; i.e. tweeting that 'every tweet makes you twatter' on Twitter...

There is also a chance for you to pick up your FREE 'Willy Wonga's Golden Ticket', - an A4 print of from my 'Charlie and Capitalism Factory' composition. Any of you who can demonstrate you are  'BEN TALKS: Ideas Worth Sharing' subscribers, will go into a small draw for your very own 'Golden Ticket' out of the capitalism factory!

I should say something about the - 'One Colossal Venue'. As the Coventry City terrace song goes, "If you want a cathedral, we've got one to spare..." Indeed in Leamington, we welcomed the Coventry bishop to give services here during the second world war. Also those heady Victorians modelled 'Our Notre Dame' on Chatres Cathedral in France, apparently. 

The high-vaulted ceiling, stained glass and sheer scale of All Saints gives us 9 artists plenty of space to spread out and add some soaring rhetoric when explaining where our art ideas came from... Like thes editions from my God Spake series:

Always look on the bright side of life. A design by Ben Cowan Art That Makes You Think, printed onto 125 year old bible paper. Inspired by Monty Python's Life of Brian.    Radiohead These are my twisted words Bible paper art that makes you think

Here are all of the details for our event below. This link is where you can find our Warwickshire Open Studios profile. You will find us on the Leamington Parks Art Trail, where there are 40 artists in 10 venues.

Please pass by and see us some time before we pack up on Sunday July 2nd and return All Saints to a place contemplation.

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