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Happyopoly: The Happiest Place

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Imagine if…Monopoly was based on the Happiness Index?

This satirical limited edition giclee print, based on the iconic board game, provides an alternative to the fast-learning capitalism starter pack.

In our house, we play Monopoly. Everybody does, don’t they?

My kids love it, but then I thought of it finding its way into every house, like the property trading game equivalent of the Gideons sneaking into hotel rooms and putting bibles in bedside table.

So, during a rare sortie to Yorkshire during a break in lockdowns, my daughter and I invented Happyopoly, where gameplayers collective happiness, trumps bankrupting family members, often at Christmas...

We decided to base the game design on the Happiest place in the UK, which happens to be where we live, in Leamington Spa. Where our Victorian parks replace London train stations; our festivals replace utilities; Change ("Be the change you want to see in the world...") replaces Chance and Community Service instead of Community Chest. We don't need money, or GDP in Happyopoly land, we have 'happiness points :-).

Buy this 50 x 50cms 310gsm Hannemuehle archival print limited edition (1 of 60), and make your community, the happiest place on earth.   

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