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Whether you are a creative consultancy looking for help with a subversive marketing campaign; an art consultancy searching for a creative mind to reimagine a hotel lobby wall; a gallery curator trying to find something fresh; or a retailer wishing to license images for merchandise, or stock my products; let’s explore how we can work together.

ART SPACES can take on many forms. Together, I want us to turn drab offices, uninspiring new homes, and corporate clothing into a statement of intent for a better world. One in which, instead of a person in a lobby scrolling through social feeds and emails, they glance around - and through the beauty and truth of ART - are lead towards new, imaginative thoughts that challenge the world handed down to them, so full of flaws.

This dialogue can begin now. This journey can start with a commission of wall art or sculpture in a range of media for community, commercial or domestic spaces. Who knows where it might lead?

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Rebel with a cause

This is what I associate with the medical disaster relief agency, Medecins Sans Frontieres, with whom I used to work. We were not diamond miners, we were not oil engineers, we were not the UN. We were rebels with a cause. A cause for good. Rebels who would not acquiesce to the darker side of human nature, or its cousins of compromise. We were a movement for free healthcare for all, where there was none.

During my missions with MSF across the world, we wore our heavily branded MSF bibs and t-shirts in the field. In refugee camps and war zones we wore identification to let unstable military regimes know who we were. To stand out for protection, against harm, but also to stand out as the principled people that we were.

I am still rebel now, these days it is more about our consumer-led society, in such contrast to the places where MSF is driven to work. My art is a form of disruption, a form of activism within a capitalist society that has little time for social or environmental value.

Socrates encouraged those he met in the Athenian Agora to live the life examined. There is something about modern life, where people are so easily distracted by screens, football scores and pursuing the ownership of things they don't need with money they don't have, that it almost seems systematic, like a proselytised religion that we follow. We need Socrates to help us to 'know thyself', now, more than ever.

So, if you are a rebel at heart; someone who is curious, with an open, independent mind; someone who is not afraid of considering difficult questions... ...Then work with me. Let's fight mediocrity and banality where we find it, and let’s create thought-provoking ART SPACES. Let’s fight it in the galleries, homes, offices, coffee shops and bars, hell let’s make t-shirts that refuse to accept commercial branding and
slogans that our beautiful chests for their advertising boards, only to turn us into their marketing sheep in order to boost their profits…

You get the idea; a heady mix of lofty ambitions and soaring rhetoric, right? Let’s create a tribe that celebrates being present and positive, uses humour to satirise the horrors of the third modernity, but also helps to bring some positivity, clarity and unity in a confusing, fractured world.

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MSF at Hyde Park

Here with 'B52' , a boxy Toyota Landcruiser that was retired from Sierra Leone after many years as an ambulance, notably during the Ebola outbreak response by MSF from 2014.

Sierra Leone was my second MSF mission in 2002 as a Logistician just at the declaration of peace, after a decade of atrocious civil war, and at a time when the country was suffering the worse maternal and infant mortality rates in the world.

To bring our fundraising stand to life at the 2019 British Summer Time music festival in Hyde Park, London we let festival goers get in while they signed up to regular giving.

It is my ambition to donate a significant portion of my Art That Makes You Think profit to MSF - the largest and best privately funded medical disaster relief organisation in the world.

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