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Ben Cowan

Alphabet Spaghetti (Surveillance Capitalism Soup Cans)

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One of 32 variations in the Surveillance Capitalism range; this homage to Andy Warhol  builds on the Liquid Capitalism collection to lampoon the sinister exploitation and profiteering of human behaviour. The green and black ‘digital rain’ draws inspiration from The Matrix by the Wachowskis’s and lends a portentous back drop for the simulation of human imagination in the future.

Alphabet Spaghetti: In a rich frictionless sauce speaks to how most of the world willingly accepts the free toys and tools offered by Google’s parent company Alphabet; i.e. ‘In Google We Trust’. In part, this is because they seem to make the navigation of our complicated lives in the third modernity, both frictionless and manageable. As a result, we have become interwoven with Google digital spaghetti. While unbeknownst to many of us, Alphabet has created an 'uncontract' with which they use our data to spell out precisely who we are and to predict what we are about to do.

This is not a soup can. We are the soup.

[Insert joke here]

Signed limited edition giclée print of 60

Stretched canvas prints also available

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