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Billionaire's Secret Recipe: Surveillance soup cans

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One of 32 variations in the Surveillance Capitalism range; this homage to Andy Warhol  builds on the Liquid Capitalism collection to lampoon the sinister exploitation and profiteering of human behaviour. The green and black ‘digital rain’ draws inspiration from The Matrix by the Wachowskis’s and lends a portentous back drop for the simulation of human imagination in the future.

Billionaire's Secret Recipe: Marinated in Elon's musk speaks to how humans look up to those who hold greater wisdom and intelligence in whose hands we willingly placed the future of mankind: In genius we trust.

Such is the adoration of these leaders that we invest when he invests; we roll our eyes when he puts thousands of spy satellites into earth's orbit - a line of stella lights pulled through the night sky like Santa's reindeer; we let his electric cars take over our roads on the basis on an algorithm and that "he seems like a good guy; someone you could have a beer with..."

This is not a soup can. We are the soup.

[Insert joke here]

Signed limited edition giclée print of 60

Stretched canvas prints also available

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