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BREWGOD: Marilyn Juice

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This is Marilyn Juice: Dead celeb infused IPA . A splashy colourful canvas for real independent beer lovers. Here Ben Cowan has created in pop-art style a piece of satire to intrigue your friends. The veneer of marketing in acrylic paint slides off to reveal the cult of celebrity developing underneath. 

James Watt, BREWDOG's marketing guru and founder, created Elvis Juice to help crack the US market. According to the BBC, BREWDOG staff had to falsify import documents in order to get contraband ingredients into the country. Just as the Elvis and Marilyn 'brands' were exploited after the death of those stars, Watt sought to squeeze out more from their legacy expropriation, in what is a delicious beer, just as long as you can suspend thoughts of necrophilia. 

Marketing is the greatest story ever told. Guaranteed to make you buy shit you don’t need with money you don’t have. We all need beer. But we don't like being lied to. :-)

Acrylic paint on digitally printed, on wrap around stretched canvas. Ready to hang with 'D' hooks. Dimensions 40cm x 40cm.   

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