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The Boy and the Social Media Role - Snapchat

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Part of my hand drawn The Boy and the Social Media Role collection, which was inspired by the gorgeous and beautifully bound book of sketches by Charles Mackesy, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.

Mackesy shows how we could be; i.e. if only we would go back to nature and above all go back to being caring and loving. Whereas, mine is to reflect that despite reading and loving the book with our children, life carries on unchanged. More and more, interaction with nature is mediated through technology.

This signed, limited edition print shows the eponymous Boy and the Mole sitting in a tree with the boy on his phone. In the original, the mole was talking about the sweet, addictive cake that fits in his hand. Here in a place of nostalgic natural beauty, unlike the mole, the boy is not present, but rather communicating with people who are there, and perhaps he does not know. 

We can only hug people who are there; and probably shouldn't hug people we don't know...

Available in A4 or A3 giclée print on 310 gsm Hahnmuehle etching paper, or  30 x 40 cms stretched, signed 18mm canvas.

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