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Ben Cowan

God Spake: Try Walking in My Shoes (Depeche Mode)

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As if an omniscient God spake through music lyrics and implored that his life was difficult too... 'What if God was one of us...' as Joan Osbourne sang. Whether riding the bus, or directing films, or writing music lyrics, what would He, or rather She say? This edition - 'Try Walking in my Shoes' is a divine suggestion that your life might not be as difficult as you think it is; a call for empathy.

This 80s classic from Depeche Mode starts to sing in your ears when you see those words on the page. Also, I like the humility that the idea of God as one of us, complaining about her day. Art may offend, but that’s what art is all about - Art that makes you think. If it doesn't, it's not really art, is it? 

Each edition is a one-off as each bible page relates somehow complements the meaning. You hold in your hands or hang on your wall, a poignant piece of cultural history, but also a powerful message about a more compassionate, inclusive future.

Signed giclée print onto 125 year old bible parchment H43cms x W27cms. The edge of the paper may be torn. The page of the bible will look similar but may not be as shown. Posted to UK in a cardboard tube by Royal Mail second class.

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