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Ben Cowan

Pyramid Selling #1

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This is the first of two versions of 'Liquid Capitalism', with ten cans formed into a pyramid stack, in a kitchen setting. Using pin-sharp vector graphics for any size, sold in A2 and A3 formats, requests taken for additional sizes.

When Andy Warhol painted Campbell soup cans onto 32 canvases in 1961, many Europeans thought his pop art based on product packaging was a critique of US capitalism. It wasn't; he was painting his lunch: soup and Coca-Cola. He loved money, so he painted dollar bills; he admired film stars so he painted Monroe and Taylor. Subverting ubiquitous capitalism in modern life? - Now that's my job!
Here, the iconic soup can is liquid capitalism. To paraphrase Henry Ford, you can have any flavour, as long as it is processed.
In 1961 there were 32 flavours of Campbell's soup; they commanded 80% of the tinned soup market. That's about the same as Amazon's share of everything today. Without the checks and balances of regulation, 'concentrated capitalism' makes the chickens scream, preserves the shrimps in BP oil and, with Tesco's value range, every little hurts...

Signed giclée limited edition print (/80) on 310gsm Hahnemuehle art paper. Posted to the UK in a cardboard tube by Royal Mail second class.

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