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Surveillance Capitalism #2: Storing up all cans of problems

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Building on the first, 'Surveillance Capitalism #2' goes to a whole new level of geekiness! 

The sentiment is the same; my trying to illustrate the perils of our browsing history, how our data is harvested, and what might be the unrealised consequences of our online behaviour. However, the references embrace even further the sci-fi reality, which we are already living.

In Surveillance Capitalism #1, I adapted the 'digital rain' sushi recipes from The Matrix as part of the neon green and black design for each can. Now we go further 'down the rabbit hole' with Neo (Keanu Reeve's character) into 'Codified Chowder', 'Mama Oracle's Special', 'Mr. Anderson's Rabbit', 'Blade Runner Bean' soups and many more...

In the objet d'art, you will find further references to the Kachowski brother franchise for geeks and discerning art collectors alike.

This is a cautionary tale, much influenced by authors such as Yuval Noah Harari, Philip Dick, as well as Shoshana Zuboff, warning of the power and insipid domination of surveillance capitalist firms such as Google, Baido, Meta and Microsoft.

This is not a soup can. We are the soup.

See also the collection description here and the blog title Surveillance Capitalism: They will consume you one byte at a time, 

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