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Ben Cowan

Virtual Reality Bytes (Surveillance Soup Cans)

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One of 32 variations in the Surveillance Capitalism range, this is a homage to Andy Warhol, and builds on the Liquid Capitalism collection to lampoon the sinister exploitation of human behaviour. The green and black ‘digital rain’ draws inspiration from The Matrix by the Wachowskis brothers and sisters.

‘Virtual Reality Bytes: Second Lives Matter’, in reference to the 90's slacker comedy, Reality Bites, speaks to the point when the reality of being stuck in a virtual reality (VR) world like the Metaverse will really 'bite' on humanity. Perhaps, like in Spielberg's Ready Player One, people will lazily retreat into VR once they have screwed up the planet. Or perhaps for some, like the 'Second Life' online platform, the Metaverse will be a sound alternative to suicide. Either way, as Facebook plans to commodify and sell our senses, bodies and minds in a new 5G digital marketplace, it will be a 'meta curse'.   [Insert Joke]

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