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Willy Wonga's Golden Ticket OUT

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We all love the story of Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryRoald Dahl stories always create a wonderous world, that if we could all live in, then everything would be OK. It is of course a rags to riches story with a strong sense of righting a profound injustice. Ironically, an injustice created by Capitalism’s engine of inequality, where the Bucket family are profoundly poor, despite being hard-working, good people. Enter the eccentric, aristocratic-looking factory owner, Willy Wonka who holds the means to chocolate production, which everyone wants, if not needs, for survival.

Here is my version of Willy Wonga's 'Golden Ticket'. This one is a ticket OUT of the Capitalist Factory. It is - on brand - that I take some iconographic, and then subvert it. So here, instead of Charlie skipping into the chocolate factory, he is escaping the lanyard wearing drudgery, the repetitive labour for profit and loss.

Wonga says, "...You are a dreamer, this is no place for you. You are not the only one. Mett me at the gates at 10am sharp. Bring a family member. Save them too."  This Golden Ticket is a gift you that you can give yourself, or to a friend or family member who has retired from the factory, has switched jobs, set up a business, or come out as an artist...

Give the Golden Ticket to a dreamer. Let them know, they are not the only one.

Giclée limited edition print (of 60) on 310gsm Hahnemuehle art paper, signed by the artist. 

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