Collection: The Great Philosophers' Drinking Society

If I were called to start a new religion, I would chose philosophy. I'm not sure if that would change anything much, but it's good to be prepared. Like most of us with a sense of humour, Monty Python were like gods to me.

Their knowledge of philosophy, presumably from their Cambridge days, was an inspiration to me. I loved that they channelled their knowledge into 'what if?' scenarios like, what if...the Ancient Greeks played football against 19th century German Rationalists, and what if they were all massive alcoholics, as in the Australian drinking song.

I took the latter idea and ran with it to create the Great Philosophers' Drinking Society' art series. Where Aristotle is a bugger for the bottle, John Stewart Mill got particularly ill, and Rene Descartes is a drunken fart, "I drink therefore I am." I just love the idea of all the greatest thinkers of all time, being also the greatest drinkers of all time, in a pub, singing their arses off together!   

These book editions are part of the 'Pangolin Classics' range; each created as a first edition of their greatest philosophical works, titled from their part of the drinking song; e.g.  "Nietzsche: Raising the wrist", but with subtitles like, "The bar is dead, and we killed it!", or "Kant: A Real Pissant; A new introduction to the one of the greatest drinkers of the modern world who was very rarely stable."

There is a choice of eleven pin-sharp limited edition giclée available in A4, A3 or as larger canvas commissions. There is also a composition with a three by three grid of nine book covers. I hope you will chuckle as much as I did...

If you would like to see more examples from this collection, please see my socials and contact me via Instaglam or through my contact form (below) 

The Great Philosophers' Drinking Society
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