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Look, I'm a fan. Not of all music and films obviously. Most are way too mainstream, right? You have got to push against something, especially when you're growing up. Stand-up comedians were my rock stars, but I would consider myself a rebel. So David Bowie obvs, 'Rebel-Rebel'...; Stone Roses...; for me music is inspiring, but not self-defining. That said, the devil does always have the best tunes...

Sometimes my inspiration comes from a moment or a juxtaposition. For instance, while I was backpacking with the family around Cuba a few years ago, Fidel Castro's face was still everywhere despite, or perhaps because, he had just passed. Back home Adele's face was everywhere, her third album, 25 was like 80% of all music sales, and the first track, Hello was being played everywhere. So I created Adele Castro: Hello From The Other Side, a composition with a face melded from the two, as if it was street art on a wall in Trinidad, Cuba. The piece was a comment on hagiographic portraits in both capitalist and communist worlds.

As my mentor Bill Hicks, the American comedian from the '80's and '90's said, "I fuckin' love movies, man!" There are certain movies that built and shaped my outlook on life, such as Fight Club, Withnail and I, Trainspotting, Life of Brian and Before Sunrise. I suppose what brings them together are their alternate narratives to the way you are supposed to live and think. This 'tude is summed up in my take on 'Choose Life' called Brainstopping; I chose not to choose leave, I chose something else.

Here is a collection that I am adding to all the time. There are overlaps with the Politics and God Spake collections. It may be also that some of my versions, or subversions, on fan art are best suited to T-shirts and print on demand, so you will also find Music and Film designs in my Presents & Merch. 

If you would like to see more examples of this collection, please see my socials and contact me via Instaglam or through my contact form (below) 

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