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'What if God was one of us...' as Joan Osbourne sang. Whether riding the bus, or directing films, or writing music lyrics, what would He, or rather She say? God Spake, is a collection of one-off, thought-provoking designs printed onto 125 year old bible parchment. A bible that was about to be thrown away, being used to wrap junk in a vintage shop. I upcycled it, as I do many things.

I thought that if God is on the wane, at least in progressive Europe - perhaps from being left behind - how could He become more relevant in a progressive, science and technology-led third modernity? For starters, He could be a She and leave paternalistic domination behind. How would the feminine divine speak to us? - Perhaps through film dialogue and music lyrics?

For instance,  one of my first: 'Always look on the bright side of life' is a call to positivity and hope. Surely right in the wheelhouse of spirituality and religion. Perhaps She spoke through Monty Python in the epic comedy, 'Life of Brian'?

Perhaps you know the story: worried about offence and corporate reputation, EMI ran a mile from backing the movie, when they visited the set and discovered what it was about. George Harrison and Handmade Films stepped in with £1m to save the film and get it released. You can think the story of Brian is blasphemous, or that it is an insightful work of genius. 

Art may offend, but is that what art is all about? Art that makes you think. If it doesn't, it's not really art, is it? 

Each edition is a one-off as each bible page that relates, and somehow complements the meaning. You hold in your hands or hang on your wall, a poignant piece of cultural history, but also a powerful message about a more compassionate, inclusive future.

This collection is currently being exhibited at a London gallery; if you would like to see further examples, please see my socials and contact me via Instaglam or through my contact form (below) 

God Spake
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