Collection: My Literary Miseducations

I had no classical education in literature like the monastic scribe or the Eton student. So I came to the classics much later in life. Stand-up comedians were my rock stars, so when I arrived voluntarily to those weighty tomes, it was via the lens of comedy.

This collection of Pangolin Classic spoof book covers, is assembled into natural bookshelf compositions around certain themes and category colours; including Literature, Politics, Shakespeare, Fiction and Self-Isolation. Each with 30-45 parody book titles and authors, such as Breakfast At Morrisons, by Truman Kaput; The Art Of Darkness, by Comrade Joseph Conrad (A new translation by Vladimir Putin); The Importance of Being on Grindr, by Oscar Oh-So Wild; and many more!

Dozens of individual book cover signed giclée prints will also be available soon. 

Each is a limited edition, signed by the artist, on A2 Hahnmuehle 410gsm, or A3 Hahnmuehle 310gsm giclee art paper. 

If you would like to see other examples from this collection, please see my socials and contact me via Instaglam or through my contact form (below).

My Literary Miseducations
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